Storyboard Beach Resort

Our Facilities

Have Fun In The Sun!


Relax in the hammock under the palm tree
Feel the sea breeze...
Or read some of your favorite book
while watching the sun as it goes down.


This cottage is built simple but comfortable.
A refreshing place to stay for our guests
who wants to escape their busy days and want to relax
in a simple way.

Enjoy different activities and views in our resort facilities provided to our guests. Escape the city life once in a while, and enjoy the serenity of the place.


Tired of city life?
Come and enjoy the quiet and peaceful life
that the Palau offers..
Enjoy the view of the stunning sunset!


Feel the touch of the morning sun in your skin
Feel the blow of the wind from the curtain of your room.
Have you ever woken up in a morning such as this?

The Storyboard Beach Resort is a family-owned operation consisting of six cottages situated on a beachfront property on Peleliu Island, Palau. The cottages depict the traditional architecture style with modern conveniences, such as hot shower with ceiling fans and air condition for comfort. Each cottage is situated to have the maximum view of the spectacular sunsets from your balcony. The resort was originally designed as a dive destination for divers who want to maximize their diving time and relaxation. There is no TV, internet or email, games and radio in each cottage. We do have WIFI Hotspots! You will need to purchase a WIFI Card from a local Store and It will cost $ 5.00 for two hours of service. Peleliu Island is just a short boat ride to the most popular dive sites in Palau. Why stay with the rest of the growth and endure the heavy traffic plus two hours of a boat ride to the dive sites when beautiful Peleliu Island is with in your reach.